Bristlecone Pines in California- Great Basin National Park, Nevada

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The Oldest Living Trees in the world

What are the oldest living organisms in the world? The answer is Bristlecone pine trees. The “Methuselah” is the oldest among them, being alive for nearly 4852 years. These ancient pines are located in the white mountains, California.

Just imagine, Methuselah had been there before the time of the birth of Lord Buddha and Christ. It was there before so many historic tales we heard since our childhood. Those pines have been able to flourish over centuries bearing so many tales and secrets.

Climate effect on Growth and Lifetime

There is another special quality of these Bristlecone pine trees is that the growth is way too slow with the time, compared to the other trees. If they are nurtured with water and shelter, they would grow faster and die young. So, the given arid climate with exposure to the wind and cold, one that is too harsh for insects, disease, and competition from other plants, can be the key point of this long-lasting life.

Squatting pines in harsh conditions

These pines can be found on the white mountain where more than 10,000 feet up. Living branches of these are covered in green needles that are thick. Can you believe that these mighty trees grow less than 60 feet in height? Instead of reaching higher, they tend to spin their branches strengthening their grains. Also, there is another interesting fact that around 90 percent of the trees are encased with deadwood while the other 10 percent is still alive. The live part is clearly visible as a tiny silver bark all the way to the root.

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Why Less Human Interaction is Better?

Until 1964, Prometheus, another Bristlecone pine was the oldest living tree in the world with more than 4900 years of age. It has been cut down in 1964. Though a tree dies in this dry climate, it would intact with the world for thousands of years.

Although we know Methuselah is in the ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest on the White Mountains of California, the identity of the tree is kept secret for its safety. But it can be found with so many other ancient colleagues of the Methuselah, somewhere in the Schulman Grove.

Although this would be travel for a lifetime, I must say this before the article ends. Please keep in mind that if you accidentally harm or destroy any of the pine groves, no matter which age or size it is then, you will be changing the history. Maybe it could have lived for 5000 years. So, everything matters when it comes to nature.