The Acropolis of Athens Greece

Athens Greece Temple Architecture Antique Old

The topmost, literal high point of any trip to Athens is Acropolis. Acropolis was not only a religious sanctuary with sacred springs but also a refugee under attack. It was the perfect choice for the place of defense for Athens with the advantage of its geographical location. The high city is crowned by the ancient Parthenon temple.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

UNESCO has declared this amazing archaeological site as a world heritage in 1987 for its cultural value and significance. It still questions me how could this be built in this magnificent form of architecture in ancient history. Well, it is better to have a little digging in for the history of this citadel of Athens.

This sacred site dwells in 156m of height that rises from the basin of Athens. This is a rocky hill with all sides are steep except for the western side and has an extensive, nearly flat top.

Pericles, the first citizen of Athens was the one who turned the Delian League into the Athenian empire that paved the way for the art and literature to be flourished in Athens. It became the very reason for Athens to be the pioneer of educational and cultural centers in the world in that era. He is the one who brought eternal glory for Athens by starting the Acropolis construction including the Parthenon, Erechtheion, Propylaea, and the temple of Athena Nike. Not only it shined the city all over the world but also it gave work for the people with a new hope.

This Greek culture was responsible to bring in art, literature, theater, and democracy to the whole world. So, it is really worth trying to learn about the history of Greece and its culture.

Parthenon Athens

Perhaps the Parthenon was the greatest temple back in the ancient world. It was for the virgin goddess Athena after being constructed in the 5th century BC. We can imagine how striking it must have looked back in the past because seeing it is still inspiring to see it today. This temple was built by Ictinus.

Parthenon Athens Greece

Erechtheion Athens

The Erechtheion (Erechtheum) is an ancient Greek temple that is on the north side of the Acropolis. Worshipers Athena and Poseidon were the reason behind this construction. ‘Mnesicles’ was the designer of this temple.

Temple of Athena Nike Athens

The temple is dedicated to the goddess Athena. This was built around 420 BC. Therefore, this temple is the earliest fully Ionic temple on the Acropolis. Placed in a prominent position of the hill, Temple takes the southwest corner of the Acropolis, also the right side of the entrance.

The Temples, Parthenon is on the left and Athena Nike is on the right

This temple was dedicated to the Goddess Athena by respecting being victorious in the war. Nike is the word for “victory” in Greek. At the time the citizens must have had faith in the goddess in bringing the victories for wars.

Acropolis Museum

Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece

The south-eastern slope of the Acropolis hill is the home ground for the museum. It is around 400 meters walking distance from the Parthenon. The largest modern building located very close to the sacred rock is the museum.

The museum was founded in 2003 but opened to the public on 20 June 2009.
The Museum was built with the focus of preservation of archaeological findings of the Acropolis of Athens.