Travel and Insurance – Basic Things You Should Know

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Travel insurance, is it really necessary for each and every travel that you do? Let me bring out some very basics regarding travel Insurance for you.

What is Travel Insurance?

It is a precaution that ensures the monetary compensations for travelers under unavoidable situations. The important thing is, none of the insurance packages can protect you from any accident or prevent any damage. So it is totally up to you to take good care of your self and plan your trip at your best.

Most insurance companies offer a wide range of coverage areas for the benefit of their customers.

Coverage Areas

#Coverage Area
2Trip interruptions
3Trip cancellations
4Trip delays
5Lost or stolen luggage
6Public liability
7Disaster evacuation
9Financial default
10Accidental death

Well, there are two types of coverage plans in common.

  • Basic plan – that covers areas like medical and disaster evacuation. What includes in the plan may vary as per the company. This plan is mostly used by certain categories. Ex: People who study/ work abroad, long term travelers, those who have no concerns about any delays or cancellations.
  • Comprehensive travel insurance – Covers all other categories including the basics. This comes handy for the people who are into vacations, adventures, and getaways.

Is it necessary for Every Trip?

It is a good thing to have travel insurance for sure but not for every trip. Well, you might be wondering why would it be. Here you go.

If you are into cheap domestic travels, you are good to go without travel insurance. Since it is domestic, you can do some homework and arrange things early. Also, no need to worry since your personal insurance covers your medical and accident concerns.

Well, if you are a budget traveler and you just plan your trip as it fits your wallet, no need to add an extra burden. Just plan for the worst and take care of your self. But you have to realize that you will travel with no medical coverage and no anti-theft insurance.